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Rental price

Don’t pay too much rent!

Your rent takes up a large part of your income every month. It would therefore be a shame if you paid too much.

There are legal rules for setting the maximum amount of (basic) rent. The landlord must abide by them. It is therefore worthwhile to find out whether your rent is realistic. Because if it is too high, you are entitled to a rent reduction. Even if the rent is stipulated in a rental contract.

Attention: if you rent a house in the private sector for longer than six months, there is no maximum rent and the landlord may determine the rental price. Have you lived there for a shorter period of time? Then the Huurcommissie can assess the initial rental price. In that case please contact us!

Are you unsure whether you live in a social rental house or in a private sector house? Then click here.

Determine the basic rent

The maximum rent is determined by a number of points. These points say something about the quality of the house or room. This is called the house value system. The more points, the higher the rent is allowed to be. It is always the basic rent, without any service costs such as gas/electricity and cleaning. If you have an all-in rent, ask your landlord to split the rent and service costs. If the landlord won’t do that, Huurteam Leeuwarden can help you.

Rental price check

The number of points can be determined by doing a rent check. Each part of the house gets points. The size of the rooms, the outside space, energy performance, the surface area of communal spaces and the WOZ value are considered.

We are happy to help you!

Make an appointment for a rent check

Want to make sure you’re not paying too much rent? Then call or e-mail Huurteam Leeuwarden. We will arrange that one of our advisors visit you for a rental price calculation. Make sure you have a copy of your rental contract.

Of course it is possible that your landlord is asking a realistic rental price, but at least then you know. If it turns out that the rent is too high, it makes a difference how long you have had a rental contract. In the first six months you can immediately start a procedure with the Huurcommissie for adjustment of the rent. If the Huurcommissie decides in your favor, the rent reduction will take effect retroactively from the start date of the rental contract.

Are you renting for longer than six months? Then there are two possible steps:

  • First you send a letter to the landlord asking for a lower rent. We have a model letter available for this.
  • Does the landlord agree? That’s great, then your rent reduction is a fact on the agreed date. Unfortunately you will not get your excess rent back. Is the landlord not cooperating or not responding to your letter? Then we can start a procedure at the Huurcommissie if you want.

Do you prefer to check your rental price yourself? You can do so on the website of the Huurcommissie.