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Intimidation and threats

Fortunately, most tenants never have to deal with it, but it does happen: intimidation, trespassing or threats by the landlord or a fellow tenant. This is unacceptable and serious and we therefore advise you to always report it.

First of all, contact Meldpunt Overlast of the municipality of Leeuwarden. We also request that you notify Huurteam Leeuwarden, so that we can advise you too.

Good to know:

  • A landlord is not allowed to enter your house or room without your permission.

  • If your landlord threatens to evict you, be aware that you can never be evicted if you have a rental contract for an indefinite period of time.

  • If you feel that your landlord is bullying you with things like a non-functioning internet signal or heating system, make sure you always note these things for yourself. Keep a record in some sort of logbook.

In case of a serious threat that makes you feel unsafe, inform the police as well!