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Huurteam Leeuwarden: because worry-free, affordable and safe housing is important!

What can Huurteam Leeuwarden do for you?

Are you renting a house or room in the municipality of Leeuwarden in the private market (i.e. not through a housing corporation)? And do you have questions, for example about the amount of your rent? Then Huurteam Leeuwarden can help you.  Our services are free.

Huurteam Leeuwarden is an independent organisation with a great deal of knowledge about housing and the interests of tenants. You can contact us if you want us to check your rental contract or if you think your rent or service costs are overcharged. We give advice and help you find the best solution to your problem. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to someone who can, for example the district team, the municipality, the police or the legal desk.

We mainly help tenants, but landlords can also contact us for help and information!

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How do I have my rent checked?

Calculate it yourself?

You can also calculate the maximum rental price yourself. To do so, visit the website of de Huurcommissie.

Please note!

Don’t wait too long. If you pay a rent above  € 808,06, you must appeal within six months of signing the contract.

What others say about us

“My rent was too high. Thanks to the efforts of Huurteam Leeuwarden, my rent is now much lower. They helped me a lot and joined me in going to the Huurcommissie. I would never have dared to do that on my own.”

Mrs. Almouslli

“I am very happy with the help of Huurteam Leeuwarden. Thanks to them, my landlord replaced the central heating boiler and took care of the maintenance of the house.”

Mr. Hermsen

“Huurteam Leeuwarden did a rent check. The advisor came up with a much lower rent. My landlord then lowered the rent.”

Mr. Zijlstra

We can help you

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