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What can you do about overdue maintenance?

Who is supposed to do what?

When you rent a house or a room, your landlord is not responsible for all repairs and maintenance. As a tenant, you are expected to do small daily repairs that don’t cost much yourself, such as unclogging the drain, venting the central heating boiler, fixing a broken doorbell or lamp. You must also repair any damage you cause yourself. The landlord is responsible for major maintenance: roof repairs, paintwork on the outside, a malfunction in the built-in appliances, etc. You have to give the landlord the opportunity to carry out this work, but only by appointment. If he or she also does small and daily repairs, the costs may be charged as service costs.

More information can be found on the website of de Rijksoverheid

We are happy to come by for a house inspection!

What do you do if your landlord is in default and leaves you with leakage, mold, wood rot or a clogged sewer? In that case you can make an appointment with Huurteam Leeuwarden. We will assess the problems you are experiencing. If our advisor decides that there are serious defects, you will be advised on the steps you can take:

  • The first step is to report the problems or defects to your landlord. We have an example letter that you can download.
  • If your landlord does not respond within six weeks or does not respond at all to your letter, we can start a procedure at the Huurcommissie on your behalf. We will then submit a request for a temporary rent reduction.

Do you rent a house in the private sector? Then you will have to go to court if your landlord does not want to do anything about the overdue maintenance. Unless your rental contract states that in the event of a dispute you can ask the Huurcommissie for advice.