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Service costs

There are rules for service costs

Your rent usually consists of two parts: basic rent and service costs. The rental contract must state separately how much you pay in service costs and for what purpose. Examples of service costs are cleaning fee for common areas, lighting in a porch, repairs and the use of furniture. For the consumption of gas, electricity and water you often pay an advance to your landlord. These so-called utility costs can also be a part of the service costs.

A landlord has to follow certain rules when it comes to service costs. It has been legally determined which costs may and may not be charged. In addition, your landlord must specify the basic rent and the service costs separately in the rental agreement and settle them with you annually. Have you paid too much? Then you should get it back. Only the actual costs are allowed to be charged, the landlord may not make a profit on the service costs. The landlord is also not allowed to increase the service costs without your consent. If so, please contact us for advice!

Let us check the service costs!

Do you think you are paying too much or are you unsure whether a certain item should be included in the service costs? Then contact Huurteam Leeuwarden. Our advisors will visit you to check the costs. If it appears that the service costs are too high, you can ask your landlord in writing for an adjustment. Does your landlord not respond or reject your proposal? Then we can start a procedure on your behalf at the Huurcommissie.

If you pay an all-in rent, first ask the landlord if he wants to divide it into basic rent and service costs. An all-in rent is not permitted by law. If you cannot come to an agreement with your landlord, you can ask the Huurcommissie to split the rent. We will be happy to help you with that!